Chicago Trip

Normally the blog posts are saved for my clients, but this time it's about the face behind the camera a.k.a ME. First off, this was my first experience in Chicago and let me just tell you it was fantastic. I highly recommend taking a trip up there. Obviously I am use to being behind the lens and directing my "model" on how they should pose, but this past weekend I got the chance to be in front of the camera. The perks of having a sister who is learning photography, taught by yours truly. We wandered aimlessly around the gorgeous city trying to find the perfect backdrop for some of our photos – because it's all about the aesthetics. Ohhh and when we would hand the camera off to a complete stranger in order for us to get a group shot, the complete confusion on that person's face was priceless. I think my favorite part, besides the mouthwatering deep-dish pizza we devoured, was how you could be in the city one min and the next be on the beach. I can see myself venturing up there again, soon. Thank you Chicago for the memories, and thank you momma for a girls day.